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Friday, February 4, 2011

OBG Returns to Blogging? Eh...

The word on the street is, I've been a seriously slacking blogger as of late. And by the street, I mean Twin's blog, Mommy Doesn't Wrestle, where she publicly scolded me for being absent. See?

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I can't even be offended by this, because it's so very true. But you see, my life has been pretty... uneventful as of late. My weekdays consist of getting up at 6:00am, leaving for work at 7:00/8:00am (depending on which school I'm at), getting home at 4:00/5:00/6:00/7:00pm, catching-up on the ever-important internet news (aka Facebook), eating some food, watching some Netflix, and going to bed. Pretty frickin' boring stuff that I'm positive nobody wants to hear about. I'm bored just writing it.

And my weekends aren't any better. There used to be a time when my weekends were filled with all sorts of debauchery, but lately? Not so much. In fact, as I type this, on a Friday night, before 10:00pm, the G-Man is snoring away on the couch, and I'm contemplating heading to bed soon. Of course, this means I have very little material for my blog. As happy and content as I am with my life right now, life is pretty fucking lame.

Actual dining room
The most exciting thing I anticipate my weekend providing is my bravery in trying caviar tonight when the G-Man and I went to the Russia House Restaurant for a rain-checked birthday dinner (I ended up getting miserably sick for my birthday). I had the Russia House Noodles and Caviar, by the way. The G-Man had Morskiye Grebeshki. I don't remember what that was. If you must know, look it up on the menu

Actual owners
In case you're wondering, the dining experience was really nice. From the moment you walk through the door, you're waited on by the actual owners, who do everything from take your jacket, pull out your chair, flambe your appetizers table side, take your order, serve your food and bring you your drinks. Basically, they do it all. In fact, the only other staff I saw was the busboy. Granted, the place wasn't what you would call "hopping", but I was impressed nonetheless.

Last weekend wasn't any better. The highlight of that weekend was walking around the Washington Auto Show for six or seven hours. I did get to sit in some pretty nice cars though. Towards the end of the evening, much to his dismay, the G-Man had to literally drag me out of the cars. If you've never sat in an Infiniti before, I highly recommend you do so. One could almost curl up and fall asleep in the comfy front seat of those cars.

At any rate, life is happy. Life is lame. Tune in next week. I'm thinking of painting my toenails on Sunday, and I know you're going to be dying to find out what color. Will it be pink? Will it be silver? Will it be blue or red? Who knows? Things are wild and crazy here! It might even be *gasp* purple.


Krista said...

Ha ha ha! Glad to see that you received that comment with humor. I miss having entertaining stories to read. My Blogger reading list is lacking that certain OBGness. Can you blame me?

Hope said...

I've had the same problem as you, lately. It's not a bad problem to have.

Amber said...

Auto shows are pretty awesome. When I was 2 I met TV's batman, Adam West, at one.

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