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Monday, February 14, 2011

Reasons Why...

  1. you have a crooked smile.
  2. you let me take your car to work in bad weather even though you hate driving mine.
  3. you turned Christmas music on for me when I was decorating the tree. and I didn't even ask you too.
  4. you tolerate my flightiness.
  5. you like to vacuum.
  6. in an emergency, you will run to store for me and pick up feminine products. with zero complaints.
  7. you have far more patience with me than I probably deserve.
  8. you empty and reload the dishwasher without being asked to.
  9. you have the balls to make up your own rules.
  10. you tell me that you love me almost every single day.
  11. you know that I like black licorice.
  12. you laugh at me when I complain about my nose fat,
  13. and when I dance around the house like a lunatic,
  14. and when I sing loudly, horribly off-key and out of tune... in the car... and in the house.
  15. it's fun to cook with you,
  16. but sometimes you'll make me food without my help.
  17. you know when I need a hug.
  18. you hold me when I'm crying.
  19. you're good at just about everything that you do.
  20. you're the most intelligent and capable person I know.
  21. you think quantum physics is light bedtime reading.
  22. you have many hobbies and interests, which amazes me.
  23. you're encouraging and supportive and, for the most part, so very understanding.
  24. you're just plain wonderful.

... I'm so in love with you.


    MeredithDuck said...

    Awww. That was sweet. :) Happy Heart Day.

    cbs111 said...

    Awww, OBG gets mushy. It was beautiful.

    Clare and Gary said...

    eeeermmmmm.... are you sure you're not married to my husband....?

    Deidre said...

    This is an awesome list!

    And so sweet.

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