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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

RST: Hair, Commitment, a Math Problem, a Test, and Dirty Jeans


It's Tuesday, which means, time again for another Random Shit Tuesday

My randomness...
Not me
I have hair.  
Lots of hair. And when I say "lots of hair", I mean lots of fucking hair. It's a fact. No, really, it is. Blondes have more hairs on their heads than brunettes and redheads. It has to do with blonde hair being finer and therefore it requires more of it to cover the head, blah, blah, blah. Combine that with the fact that I haven't had my hair cut since that totally awesome haircut back in... oh... June, and I have a lot of fucking hair on my head.

Why do I bring this up? I'm not really sure. I guess just for conversation sake. That and I'm sick and tired of finding my hair everywhere! And so is everyone else. The G-Man finds it in his hockey gear (someplace I would never dare go). People I have stayed with find it in their houses weeks after I've left. In fact, if you happen to come within a mile radius of me, chances are pretty good you'll end up with my hair on you. Come any closer and you're apt to find it in places you never expected to find long blonde hairs. 
Like your butt crack. 

I'm not kidding. If you use the same bathroom as me, odds are good you will find my hair in your butt crack at some point during the day. You've been warned.

I can't commit. 
This is not news to me, and most likely, not news to anyone who knows me well. However, I didn't realize how bad I had it until the G-Man and I were trying to decide on an area rug for the living room and new dinnerware. As it turns out, I'm also severely picky.
Or particular. 
I like to think I have a critical eye for good design.

At any rate, I'll save you a recount of the hours we spent online browsing and traveling to various different stores this past month or so. On Sunday I finally placed an order for some Fiesta dinnerware from Macy's (it was on sale). After much debate over the colors, we settled on Peacock, Ivory, and Cobalt (I really wanted Lemongrass and Paprika instead of the Ivory and Cobalt, but compromise won over).
We're still making our minds up on an area rug.
A math problem for you...
The G-Man had two tickets for a Medeski Martin and Wood concert at the 9:30 club in DC Friday night. 
The concert began at 10:00pm.

I had a state teacher's test the following morning in Annandale, VA. 
Check-in for the 2 hour exam began at 7:30am.
Guess who ended up going to the concert with the G-Man when Thing Two bailed on him?
On the plus side, we got to grab a couple of beers at Dodge City before the show (which we only saw 30 minutes of so I could be in bed at a decent time).
Very cute
On a completely unrelated note...
I totally bombed my teacher test Saturday morning. And it had nothing to do with going out the night before. I was just totally unprepared for it. I had no grasp, whatsoever, on what the test would be like (it was an art content knowledge test).

About 80% of the test was obscure art history and the remainder 20% was about art making. I think I did well on the art making part of the test, but I know I failed the test overall. Miserably. Please don't get me wrong here, we're not talking some modest, "Oh, I don't think I did that well" speak here. I'm 100% positive I failed it. So positive, in fact, that I'm ready to register to take it again (I have to pass by March in order to keep my job).
And here I was under the assumption I was smart.

After wearing the same pair of jeans for thirteen days, I finally decided to wash them.

Although, had the G-Man not spilled beer on me at the concert Friday night, I don't know if I would have laundered them yet.
Just thought I would share.



Ms. E said...

I feel you on the shedding of the massive amount of blonde hair. It's redonk and when I wash my hair it's like I'm going bald because so much comes out- and yet, I'm the opposite of bald.

Anonymous said...

I like lots of hair on a lady. The more the better! Oh yeah!

I like you blog... smart and entertaining. I am following. Please stop my blog sometime... goofy... trying to be funny. :/

Thanks! - Wally J

jules said...

HA HA HA. I totally find hair in my buttcrack too! I have the same long blonde hair as you.

Sara Louise said...

My hair ends up EVERYWHERE too. I keep expecting to wake up bald one day.

One Blonde Girl said...

@ Ms E- I fear the same thing. One day I know I'll step out of the shower with no hair.
@ Wally J- Thanks for stopping by!
@ jules- Yeah, there and other places.
@ Sara Louise- Isn't it awful?

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