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Monday, January 10, 2011

6 Trends I'd Like to See Die in 2011

1. Mustaches. Enough already. Yeah, they were amusing for a bit, but now? It's time to move on. Let's leave the 'staches for the funky grandpas and Burt Reynolds. 

Men's Facial Hair Trend I'd Like to See in 2011: Bushy eyebrows. 

2. Bacon. Personally, I love bacon. As a food. Do I want to wear it/sleep on it/hang it on my wall/become friends with it on Facebook? No. Can we please put bacon back where it belongs? In the frying pan.

Meat Trend I'd Like to See for 2011: Purchasing locally raised meat and poultry from independently owned farms.

3. Cupcakes. Honestly, I liked cupcakes better before they were trendy. They were quick. They were easy. And you didn't feel guilty after eating one like you would after eating a mongo slice of cake. I'm happy the world is finally getting over them so I can now enjoy them again.

Baked Good Trend I'd Like to See in 2011: Cup-pies, à la Chuck's cute little desserts from Pushing Daisies.

4. Skinny Jeans. Let's call an orange an orange, shall we? These are restyled tapered jeans. They weren't cool in the 80s/90s and they sure as sh*t aren't cool now. And unless you have the body of a tween, you're not going to be able to pull these things off. No, you're not. And if you think you are, you're friends are lying to you.
Jean Trend I'd Like to See in 2011: Jeans made from 100% cotton.

5. Pajamas as Clothing. This has been an ongoing hot topic, and as long as I continue to see adults wearing their pjs in public, I'm going to continue to be against it. Wearing your jammies all day while hungover and in the safety of your own home? Okay. Wearing them outside of said home? Not okay.

Intimates Trend I'd Like to See: Slips (worn as they were meant to be worn, as undergarments, not clothing).

6. Longer, Shaggier Hair on Men. This trend has been around long before that twit, Justin Bieber (my nephew has been rocking it for years). I say enough already! Go get a damn haircut already! (You look like a girl).

Men's Hair Trend I'd Like to See in 2011: The powdered wig.

What trends would you like to send to the grave?


Krista said...

Really, what is with the mustaches.? I've been noticing an increased trend lately. The reason?

With you on the bacon band-aids. Ew. Also the cupcakes. Overdone.

Honestly, I have seen some women who have pulled off the skinny jean look, without a tween body, but they were paired with and tucked into boots, as they should be. Not sandals. I have less of a beef with these than I do with JEGGINGS! Seriously? Or those pajama jeans.....

I never understood how any girls could wear their pajama pants to class while we were in college. Don't they care about how they look outside of the party scene?

Long, shaggy hair HAS to go. As do I. Ta-ta!

Shelley Weber said...

good post, I esp agree with 4 and 5, and your new trend suggestion for 6 is hilarious... they have recycled a lot of 'trends', but I have yet to see the powdered wig come back... that would be interesting, to say the least :)

Anonymous said...

i agree with all of these :)

Constar said...

uggs!!! no uggs with sweat pants. WTF? thats all i have to say about it because i think the outfit speaks for itself!

dbs said...

"the powdered wig" = awesome. In fact the whole post = awesome.

Kristine said...


I've been thinking mostly about phrases people use that they, well, should NOT.

Ahem: "awesomesauce," "made of win," "i heart...,"

And now I'll go massage my bunions and shake my cane at loud children.

McGriddle Pants said...

yes! yes! yes!
bacon... gotta go.
skinny jeans/jeggins... REALLY gotta go.
Cupcakes... YES! Where did this come from?! I went to high school with a girl who opened a CUPCAKE STORE. ONLY CUPCAKES?! I mean... really? When did they become so lucrative?! Cheesecake... FOR THE WIN!!

Logical Libby said...

Can't go along with bushy eyebrows. I just want to pluck the hell out of them. My husband calls it my fetish, but I just think it's good grooming.

jules said...

Plaid! Can we please get rid of the plaid WITH the skinny jeans! Ugh.

Sara Louise said...

Jeggings and cupcakes be gone!

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