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Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year's "Resolutions" v.2011

Last year I made a list of "resolutions" that was pretty lame and, for the most part, unrealistic. I'm not a huge fan of the idea of "resolutions", nor do I necessarily like the definition of the word resolution. Therefore, let's call these my goals of 2011 instead, shall we?

OBG's Goals for 2011

  1. Gain Weight. I know what you're thinking. Any resolutions or goals made in regards to weight are just about guaranteed to fail right out of the gate. This is a risky goal. I get it, but with enough determination, I know I can accomplish this goal. Sure, I might slip a few times throughout the year and actually end up losing weight, but I'm pretty sure that with the right diet and the right balance of exercising and loafing, gaining weight is a very attainable goal this year.
  2. Try New Things. I've got this one in the bag! In fact, I've already started. Today I tried soy milk for the first time (I'm not a fan). I am positive that in 2011 I will be able to try new things all the time, making this one of the smartest goals I could probably set for myself.
  3. Buy New Clothes. How can I not achieve this goal, what with the changing seasons and my anticipated success with goal #1? Plus, my wardrobe is still, primarily, geared for life in NY. It's time to switch over to a VA wardrobe.
  4. Meet New People. Again, a very doable goal, especially considering where I live and what I do for a living. In fact, I received an email just before winter break to inform me about new students entering the schools I teach in. That counts.
  5. Play More Games. And not the bad kind (mind games). The good kind. The ones that people play for enjoyment. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm going to jump on my Kindle sometime this afternoon and play a word game.
  6. Decorate the House. Boy does it need it. Although we're off to an okay start, this place really needs some more personality. We're talking curtains, wall decor, areas rugs, lighting... Heck, we're here until at least October. Might as well make it feel like home, right? (For the record, because we move around A LOT, we have a hard time settling into any place we live and making it feel like a comfy, cozy, welcoming home. We've decided to make an effort to do it with our current place of residence, especially since we really like it.)
  7. Revamp the Blog. I'm bored. Again. And when I get bored with something I decided to change it up quite a bit. Assuming I'll be able to find the time to do so this year, you can expect this little 'ole blog to go through some changes.
  8. Disappoint Family Members. This is pretty much a given for any year, so why not actually make it a goal? That way I can feel good about disappointing my family (you know, because I've accomplished a goal) instead of just miserable and guilty about it.
I think that's a decent enough list. I don't want to put too much on that list. Got to set the bar low. I tend to be an unambitious procrastinator, so the less I have to put off doing, the better.

What are your resolutions/goals this year?


Hope said...

I posted my goals for the year on my blog. I think that they're achievable. Not quite as achievable as yours, but very close!

Anonymous said...

I vow to get in at least ONE verbal sparring match with a worker in the retail industry.
I vow to keep my car running on as little gas as possible (you know, for the environment)
I vow to eat more chocolate.

Logical Libby said...

Finally, resolutions I can understand and emulate! said...

Rad. I want to gain weight and disappoint more people too. I also want to drink more and get less hangovers. Oh and I want to sleep more. And watch more TV. (I guess I could keep going and going)

Sara Louise said...

My resolution is to be more adventurous. I'm terribly boring and it's time I shake it up a bit

McGriddle Pants said...

I love the last one! I would have no problem with that one! And i'll send some of my "winter coat" over to you, since I really need to lose about 40 pounds of it. YIKES! Too many excuses, time to get off my ass! Oh-- and get a job-- fewer tv hours a day would probably do my spare tire wonders :)

Happy New year!

Ally said...

I love your resolutions. Mine are always the same. Lose weight. I do great for a few months, then am back to my old ways. I am hoping to relocate this year. That seems impossible!

Krista said...

I am now reading your resolutions in a whole new light, and it totally makes sense now!

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