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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve: Yeah, let's do this thing.

I'm not a fan of New Year's Eve. For one, I never plan far enough ahead to actually have anywhere fun or cool to be. Much like Halloween, in fact. I think these two days require ample planning for maximum fun. It never fails, the morning of (on NYE and H'ween), we're always trying to decide what to do, scrounging around for party attire, and ultimately deciding that participation in festivities will not be occurring this year. But NEXT YEAR. Oh yes, next year we'll plan ahead and do something really exciting! And then next year comes around, and we've once again neglected to plan ahead. Tickets have not been purchased. Slutty attire has not been acquired. Friends have not been contacted. 

So, this New Year's Eve I may or may not be going out. I may or may not be spending a quiet evening at home with Netflix (again). I may or may not be getting together with friends. I may or may not be watching the ball drop on TV. 

What I will do, though, is take a moment to compile my own Top 10 list for you (everyone loves a good Top 10 list this time of year, right?). Enjoy, and here's wishing you all a safe end to 2010, and a glorious beginning to 2011!

OBG's Top 10 11 Favorite Posts from 2010

  1. In which I write a letter to the Sandman 
  2. In which I contemplate a life spent drinking with homeless people
  3. In which I confess my inability to peek before I pee
  4. In which I reveal too much information
  5. In which I try my hand at soap opera levels of writing
  6. In which I learn about the quarter-life cirsis
  7. In which I contemplate cohabitation
  8. In which I outline my rules for successful cohabitation
  9. In which I'm reminded why I hate cub scouts
  10. In which I decide I hate hippies
  11. In which I tried to be a creative writer. Again. 
Upon searching through my archives, I have concluded that I am neither a) funny, b) clever, nor c) interesting. Why do you people keep coming back here?

1 comment:

Hope said...

Happy New Years! (I think you're funny, clever and interesting!)

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