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Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm Only Crazy When I'm Unemployed

And apparently I can only think of things to write about when I'm a) crazy b) depressed or c) bored out of my mind. At the moment, I am none of these things. I'm in the worst predicament ever. I'm, dare I say it, happy. I know, it's awful, it's horrible, the world may end tomorrow. I'm happy, and I really have nothing going on in my life to complain about. Life is good. But who wants to hear about all that touchy-feely, happy-schmappy, ooey-gooey stuff? People want tragedy, that want controversy, they want fart jokes, reality TV and grotesque disfigurements. 

And on top of all these blasted good feelings, I've got no time. Absolutely no time to blog. Well, hardly any time at any rate. What's a girl to do? Thankfully the new job has provided me with material for Art Teachers Hate Glitter, where I write about the truth, albeit a humorous truth, about the ins and outs of being an elementary art teacher. If that sort of thing interests you (and I understand it only appeals to a limited audience), be sure to pop over there and check it out.

Until I find myself with some more time on my hands, you can continue to expect sporadic and irrelevant posts. Thanks for sticking it out with me through these hard and trying times. Now excuse me while I go an wallow in my happiness.


Krista said...

You make me sick. :-)

jules said...

Happiness is good! I'm suddenly unemployed and find myself a bit crazy now! But absolutely and totall marvelously happy. And I blog like crazy so that is good!

P.S. Stupid glitter! ha ha

Mrs. P @ TwiBite said...

Happy is a good thing, like glitter. Enjoy and we'll be here when the glitter runs out.

Jersey Diva Mom said...

Just when I think I'll never have an idea for my bitchfest-- excuse me- "blog" one of my kids pulls some stunt or some yahoo at Costco cuts me off and the whole cycle of venting renews. Be patient, grasshopper. It will come. : )

Popping over to the other blog to check it out!

Sara Louise said...

Wallowing in happiness is the best kind of wallow me thinks :-)

bikinfool said...

You just have to ride the happy wave while you have it. But the fart jokes DO appeal to my inner 12 year old.

Go have a good time - you've earned it!

Hope said...

I'm sometimes tempted to stir up drama in my own life just for some blog fodder. :p

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