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Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Pear-y Christmas

This Christmas my family surprised me with some of my gifts. It seems I have an affinity for all things pear right now, and my family picked right up on it. Check out these sweets treats they bestowed upon me!

This fabulous clock from Etsy seller, KitchenTableVintage.
Now my challenge is to find a place to hang it!

Three of these precious ornaments from Etsy seller, Defabricate.
I can't wait to hang these on my tree next Christmas!

This amazing timer from ModCloth.
Technically, this was an early birthday* present.

I can't wait to add to my pear collection now, and the color works perfectly with my dream kitchen color scheme!

(*10 days away)

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Krista said...

You're welcome! :-)

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