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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have concluded that I want an all-white kitchen with splashes of color. You know, when I finally decide to settle in somewhere. I think a white kitchen would be the perfect canvas for someone like me. Someone who constantly yearns for change. I'm currently obsessed with three VERY retro colors, and I'm dying to put them in my (future) kitchen...

I have these bowls, but one is busted. So sad.



I'm imagining something like this (but with a splash of red-orange)...

And I ♥ the idea of painting the interior of the kitchen cabinets. Like this...

(Source) discovered via

And I absolutely, positively HAVE to have these in my kitchen. I realize this would be a pretty big commitment, but I cannot express how much I want these...

They're available in many, awesome, retro colors. I'm not entirely sold on the avocado; the color possibilities are endless! Sweet!

(I think my ceramic ducks would fit in perfectly!)

(Ooh! And my ceramic Lincoln Logs too! I'm super-psyched!)

1 comment:

rachel! said...

ohhhh, those bowls are sooo lovely! and the green refridgerator. yes, color is always better!

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