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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The beets beat boys and zombies any day. Well, at least they do today.

This morning I was all set to blog about the unfairness of job opportunities available to men and the lack of job opportunities available to women and how unfair it is when men expect their women to just tag along with them whenever their jobs take them to far off places.

But then I finished my shower and lost all my brilliance on that topic.

Then I started blogging about how ZOMBIES DON'T USE GUNS after reading a comment left on The Sassy Curmudgeon's post today

But I quickly ran out of steam on that one.

Then I decided to heat up some soup for lunch, and as I was stirring a dollop of Greek yogurt into my soup, I remembered that I had the BEST borscht this weekend and decided to write about that.

Now, my exposure to borscht hasn't been that extensive, but extensive enough to know that I really, really like it, which is shocking because I used to be a super, hyper-picky person who wouldn't eat anything. Especially anything the color of this dude's shirt...

Yeah, I don't know why anyone in the clergy would want to wear a shirt this color, but apparently they would. And when I searched for things the color of red-purple, this was the most interesting pic that popped up.

At any rate, I ate at this really cool restaurant this past weekend, the Russia House


I sat at that table under the window, next to the door. The tables were very long and I felt very far away from my companion, which made conversation difficult, but since the conversation wasn't all that fabulous, that was kind of (kind of) okay. Not that conversation was really feasible anyway since there was a small group of people (3 or 4) having really LOUD conversations at the table behind us.

But the borscht was really good. Borscht is usually a vegetarian dish, so I was surprised when I began eating it and discovered beef brisket. This may be the reason why it was the BEST BORSCHT EVER. Isn't it pretty? This picture doesn't really do it justice.

Oh, and for dinner I had the Shashlik, which was described as, "Baltika-Honey Marinated Pork Tenderloin, Grilled and served atop a Saffron Rice Plov with Wilted Mustard Greens and Purple Mustard Sauce"

I'm not sure why I ordered it since I hate mustard. It was okay. Very overcooked and dry. I think I was distracted by the shitty conversation and while I really wanted to enjoy the experience, I also just wanted it over as soon as possible. Plus, most of the dishes involved lamb or duck, both of which I have no desire to put past my lips.

The beer was okay. I had Baltika Golden Lager #5. It's pretty hard to screw up beer though. Actually, scratch that. I have had some really, really bad beer before.

But the borscht was fabulous. This post, however, sucks. Sorry.

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