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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

RST: Glue, crocheted beards, sexism, lanyards, tater tots, and ModCloth love.

It's Tuesday, which means, time again for another Random Shit Tuesday

My randomness...
I would love to know what glue is used on those pesky apple stickers that I now use a knife to remove. I can think of a ton of other applications for this miracle glue. Like fixing peeling wallpaper. Or hemming pants because I don't know how to sew. Or hanging posters up on cement brick walls. Or reattaching the rubber stumps on the bottom of my laptop. Or sealing envelopes. Or hanging a 50 lb. mirror on the wall directly above my precious Hummel collection.* For real, that glue is some serious shit. 
* I don't have a Hummel collection, per se. I don't think I used "per se" correctly here.


This item made it on a list of stupidest inventions that I read about on Are You Serious? by Midwestern Mama Holly, but I think they're pretty awesome. What do you think? 
I know what everyone on my Christmas list will be getting this year. You can find many styles available from the Etsy shop, taraduff. And I think it's great that Tara's family fully supports her endeavors. Check out her blog, where you can find a pic of the entire family donning this "stupidest invention".

I hate generalizations and the stupid people who make them. I don't make them, and I don't expect people to make them about me. It's insulting. Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I have a burning desire to control all the money or that I have out-of-control spending habits. So shut the fuck up. You don't know me.*

And while we're on the topic of sexism, asking a woman how she feels now that she's "joined the world of working women" is just as insulting as asking her how she manages to tie her apron with a spatula in her hand before she makes you dinner. Stupid man.** I can't even begin to imagine why two wives have left you.

* I've always wanted to use this phrase, but I don't really foresee an appearance on Jerry Springer or Maury in my future. Are those shows still on?
** Notice I didn't say "men", because, as I mentioned, I don't making generalizations and am directing my disgust towards one man in particular.


It seems I must now wear my face around my neck every weekday. Because of this, I am on the hunt for a cool and stylish lanyard. I'm not sure they exist. Of course, my search first took me to Etsy. (duh). I found some kind of interesting ones, but not quite as cool as I was hoping for. Of course, I would like some input on this.

At first, I thought I wanted a beaded lanyard. This one, "Painter's Palette" by LANYARD LADY is kind of neat, but then I started thinking that this might be a little too Artsy Fartsy. I know what you're thinking, "but OBG, you are an art teacher." You're right, however I pride myself on not being one of those art teachers. Plus, it seems like all the other teachers with unique lanyards have beaded ones, thus rendering them no longer unique.

Then I thought something like this one, "Silver Tiki" by curlynetto would be a good idea. One can rarely ever rely on the classroom clocks to be accurate, and ever since the battery died in my watch (three? four? years ago), I haven't worn one. Then I decided that the watch style of beaded lanyards all tend to be a tad too old ladyish for my taste. Plus, like I said before, everyone seems to do the beaded thing.

Having become quite tired of the beaded thing, I decided to venture into the world of fabric lanyards, like this "Seaglass" one by sewgracious. There appears to be a wide variety of options when it comes to fabric lanyards, which is good, however, knowing how fickle I am, I would be afraid that I'd pick one out that I like right now, but would soon tire of it three months down the road.

Giving up on the lanyard idea altogether, I decided to check out retractable badge reels like "Sock Monkey" here by kimberlyk. I think these guys are, gosh darn-it, just the cutest little monkeys that ever did decorate a badge reel. On the other hand, I've had badge reels before and I know how frequently I get them caught on things and how often I break them. It would break my heart if I broke my monkey.

Not quite willing to give up on the lanyard style, I did another search and came across this wondrous "Custom Geek Lanyard" by PeriwinkleDynz. You may have noticed that this lanyard is not only made of beads, but also of resistors. Having harbored a secret crush on resistors since my days of high school science (don't judge), I thought this lanyard was super-d-duper fantastic. (Doctor Who, Picard, Tron, Flux Capacitor, Boobs).

So what do you all think? Should I go with one of the ones above, or do you have other recommendations?

Cheese has no business being in sushi. 
Sushi has no business being served warm.
That being said, when being consumed along side $3 PBRs, nontraditional sushi ain't that bad.

In completely unrelated news (but not really), I ate at Sticky Rice in DC for the first time the other night. Apparently they're well known for their tater tots. And I have to admit, they were good. And not at all like the smooshie, soggy tots from your school's cafeteria. The G-Man and my other two housemates go there frequently. Apparently one of them (who may or may not be the individual I was referring to a minute ago) is good friends with the owner. Or something like that. You may recall that time I randomly ended up in a DC restaurant after partying in a field at a wine festival in Virginia. Same guy. Different restaurant.

(I had sushi for dinner the other night in Reston, at the Ariake Japanese Restaurant as well. It was probably one of the best authentic sushi experiences I've had. And the best part? It's right down the road from my new jobs!)

I am so super excited to be getting a paycheck again. I'm in dire need of some real work appropriate clothing. It seems I've weeded out most of the clothes I used to wear to work because a) they no longer fit b) they were no longer in style or c) I no longer liked them. I've already started window shopping on ModCloth in anticipation of that first check. Here's a few items I'm coveting.

And you can be damn sure I'll be popping back over to Anthropologie again. After all, I now work minutes away from their store.


And that's about it for my randomness. Today is my first day of work with students, so if I manage to survive, you can be sure to see me back here tomorrow. Happy Tuesday.


DateMeDC said...

Maury is TOTALLY still on. I watch it every afternoon when I get home from work.

MeredithDuck said...

Good luck! Today is my first day at my internship. I too am in need of some business appropriate clothes. For the past 5 years I have worn clay covered jeans and tshirts, something tells me that won't fly in this place.

Gina said...

I MUST HAVE the stupidest invention ever. I love it!

I like the 1st beaded lanyard - it's so pretty. The clock one is a close second.

Salt said...

CUTE Modcloth finds! There are like 4 cardigans on there right now that have to be mine. Now if it would only be less than 90 damn degrees out so I can wear them.

McGriddle Pants said...

Sock Monkey lanyard... FOR THE WIN!

Man! I've been a huge suck at RST recently haven't I?! Thanks for keeping it going!


One Blonde Girl said...

@ DateMeDC- Good to know. Good. To. Know.

@ MeredithDuck- Thanks. Good luck to you too. Yeah, no, clay covered clothing is very rarely ever appreciated outside of the studio. Sad.

@ Gina- Isn't it great? I'm a fan.

@ Salt- Thanks. I know. I keep waiting to wear my fall wardrobe, but its TOO HOT.

@ McGriddle- I love the monkey too. I've been thinking the same thing... if I didn't absolutely love the RST button, I may have jumped on a different Random Tuesday bandwagon (*ahem*), but I just love the button you made.

Krista said...

I LOVE that gray dress! Along with several others on this site. Thanks to you, I am now obsessed with them. :-) Always the enabler.

bikinfool said...

$3 for a PR is highway robbery.

I don't know about that Maury Povich shit because I'm a working stiff (like you are!!) and I can't be bothered to Tivo it either. Besides, isn't there better rap to rot your mind with?

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