shhh... it's a secret

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If you can read this post...

... it means I'm too lazy drunk busy packing for the move to post. I'll be back at a later date. Plus I have that work thing to do. Oh, and I also have to study for that teacher test I have to take in order to be able to continue teaching in this here fine state of Ver-ginny. 

(I am not, however, too busy to pre-post posts about being absent from posting because I'm otherwise occupied with not posting. Yes, I am just that cool.)

p.s. This picture isn't too far from the truth. 


Didactic Pirate said...

Take your time. We ain't going anywhere. Good luck with all the stuff.

Steve G. said...

Good luck with the move! It reminds me of Problem Child 2, that picture. I hope you don't throw up on an amusement park ride.

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