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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tales from the Texting Thumb

ughh... there was just on [sic] gun shot on our street
To: The G-Man
Sent: Oct 12, 10:08 pm

From: The G-Man
That's not good
Oct 12, 10:09 pm

no. it was pretty loud. is it hunting season? sounded like a huntting [sic] season gun
To: The G-Man
Sent: Oct 12, 10:10 pm

From:The G-Man
Oct 12, 10:17 pm

what does THAT mean?
To: The G-Man
Sent: Oct 12, 10:18 pm

From: The G-Man
Even in hunting season u cannot shoot That close to housing
Oct 12, 10:20 pm

or at night, right? pretty sure someone just got murdered. waiting for sirens. look for me waving to you on the news in the am. surely I'll have to miss work.
To: The G-Man
Sent: Oct 12, 10:22 pm

From: The G-Man
Defense not at night.* Lock the door and load my shot gun..there r also serial robbers around
Oct 12, 10:35 pm

* Can anyone decipher the meaning of this for me? I don't get it. Thanks.


Sara Louise said...

Nope. It's clearly guy code.

Krista said...

"Definitely" not at night?

Shelley Weber said...

i think thats DEFINITELY not at night

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