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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Confessions: #4-5



Come forward and step into my confessional booth 
where all our dirty little secrets can be shared.


 Sunday Confessions:
#4-  Sometimes, after all the pickles in the jar are gone, I like to drink the pickle juice. Not all of it. Just a tablespoon or two. I'm only a little bit ashamed of this.

#5- I only pretend to be concerned when my students fall out of their chairs. Inside I'm really laughing and thinking, "Told you so."

Despite my lack of religious proclivity, I believe confession is good for us all. 
What would you like to confess today?


Shelley Weber said...

I'll admit to doing #4 also...

Logical Libby said...

I would laugh out loud. Cause I'm mean. said...

I love pickle juice!!! Mmm, I want some right now.

I would point and laugh, but I'm tacky like that.

Sara Louise said...

Well done for not laughing when they fall out of their chairs because I'm sure I would crack up

Steve G. said...

I'm shocked at this pickle juice thing, haha. While I've never drank it straight, I will admit that I like to lay the pickles you get with a sandwich on my potato chips. Then, they get a little soggy and pickle-flavored.

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