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Friday, October 22, 2010

Who am I kidding?

I wasn't packing the past few days. I was relaxing before I have to do crazy insane packing because my stuff? Yeah, it's been packed up since June because I never unpacked from my last move. And last night I was probably busy watching Fringe and/or Project Runway. Right? Last night was Thursday night? (In present time it is actually Monday night because I'm pre-blogging. Because apparently I'm too busy to blog in present time. What with all the non-packing). All that said, this weekend I will be too busy moving to post, but no one reads on the weekends any ways, right? Right. Check out this moving schedule the G-Man made for us (assuming I can figure out how to copy and paste from Excel):
5:15 AM         Wake Up & Shower
6:00 AM         Eat Big Hearty Breakfast
6:45 AM         Leave for Budget Rental
8:00 AM         Pick up truck from Budget
8:45 AM         Drop Off Car At TH
10:00 AM       Pick Up Stuff from Haddon Ln
11:30 AM       Pick up Mattress from M.D.
12:15 PM       Pick Up stuff From Storage
1:30 PM         Get Lunch to Go
2:30 PM         Start Unloading at New TH!!

Crazy, right? The best part is that I can totally stick to this schedule, but guess who won't be able to? Yeah, the G-Man. I laughed when he emailed me this. This schedule, in my opinion, is very delusional optimistic on the G-Man's part. I'm guessing we'll be unloading around 4:00-4:30pm.
Anyone wanna place some bets?

(FYI- I have no idea what that comic says, but I'm pretty sure by the end of the day, the G-Man and I will be speaking some sort of version of this German.)

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MeredithDuck said...

Good luck!! We got movers after we moved from our 3rd floor walk up to our house, and I will never move without them again. The cost was totally worth it, And I was exhausted after just helping them. But then again, I'm sure you don't want to hear that. :)

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