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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

RST: Log-home decor, a good weekend, sub plans, window shopping, bugs, and shit.

It's Tuesday, which means, time again for another Random Shit Tuesday

My randomness...

I'm very excited to be moving in a couple of weeks. If I told you the biggest reason I'm excited is because I can finally have my own space and be closer to work and unpack all my things, well, I'd be lying. Sort of. The biggest reason I'm excited is to finally be able to decorate in my style.

My intention is to plan my decor solely around my ceramic cast Lincoln Logs that I worked so hard on and have been dying to put on display. I would also love to include these frames I found on Etsy. Or at least something like them. I have big plans. 

The place I'm moving into is all white (or off-white), which is something I used to hate, but now I'm kind of looking at it like a blank canvas in which I can add lots of splashes of colors to. Did I mention I'm excited?


I had a pretty good weekend. Saturday night the G-Man, Upstairs Mike and I went into DC to go to Sticky Rice for tater tots and sushi. I've written about Sticky Rice before. Last time I was there I lost my license in the bathroom. I think. Upstairs Mike did a great job of periodically checking to make sure that I still had my license throughout the evening. At any rate, we had about an hour wait for a table for three so we wandered over to The Pug, a bar a couple of doors down, for a couple of beers. 

I really enjoyed this bar. It had that "hole-in-the-wall" kind of atmosphere and a nice selection of classic board games. We grabbed a box of mixed Trivial Pursuit cards and failed miserably at answering them. Seriously, unless it's the Disney version, I suck at that game. I suck at most games, actually, but that's a tale for another day.

At any rate, we eventually got a table at Sticky Rice. As I've mentioned before (I think), Upstairs Mike went to high school with the owners, so we were treated to some free beers and a couple of free sushi specials. This was on top of the bucket of tater tots and five varieties of sushi and PBRs we had ordered for ourselves, so needless to say, we were pretty freakin' stuffed after wards. Not that that prevented us from having a few more with the owners down at the bar. 

We eventually wandered to Rock & Roll Hotel with one of the guys (John? Their names escape me. I mean, I know who Phil is, but I can't remember which one was John nor the name of the other guy). Back to the Rock & Roll Hotel. John (let's pretend this was his name) was able to get us into the show for free because I guess he knows people. For the life of me, I can't remember what band was playing, which is probably a good indication of my opinion of them. They had a few good songs, but then others just weren't doing it. That being said, with enough alcohol in you, any music can sound good.

The enjoyable weekend was continued on Sunday with a splendid trip to IKEA and topped off with Five Guys burgers and fries, a perfect cure for a hangover.

It was a good weekend, folks, a good weekend.


Ugh. Our county is implementing a 6th grade arts assessment this year. I have to go get trained for it on Thursday, which means I have to write sub plans. Double-ugh. I hate writing sub plans. It's really more work than it's worth. And I'm really not looking forward to giving an assessment this year. Triple-ugh.

Finally earning a paycheck again has my window shopping fingers all sorts of giddy and excited. First on my agenda? A wristlet (for those nights out in DC), a new badge reel, and a new lanyard. And of course, some real work clothes that might actually fit me. Also, I'm totally buying myself a new comforter from Anthropologie. I have a feeling that store and I are going to be best buds since we're going to be living just a couple of miles from each other.

I'm convinced bugs have finally had enough and are ready to take back the planet. What with the bed bug epidemic in NYC that is now spreading to other major cities, and with the stinkbug infestation in Northern Virginia, I'd say we're doomed.

Even if you're not, I am. 

Two stinkbugs have already been sighted in my bedroom and since my three housemates travel frequently to far off, exotic locations like Paris and India and, um, Kansas, for work, where they sleep in hotels, I'm pretty much convinced bed bugs will make an appearance on our cul-de-sac pretty freakin' soon.

Shit is going down in the real world of One Blonde Girl. 
Shit. Is. Going. Down. 
I might just have to slip into my big girl panties and grow the f* up. We'll see. Not entirely sure I'm ready for that.
I still think it's easier to run away.

Hope you all have a great week. I'm ready for vacation.


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Krista said...

Call me.

Salt said...

Oh just you wait....once you see two stinkbugs there are 11billon other ones just waiting to unleash themselves on you. They are EVERYWHERE around here. I hate them.

Those ceramic logs are awesome!

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