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Monday, October 25, 2010

Why I'm a good person to move with.

Note I didn't say move in with. I would never dare to make such a highly debatable and outlandish claim.
  • I'm highly organized. Which means I label boxes and containers clearly so there's no confusion as to which room they belong (it is not my fault, however, if you don't actually read the labels on the boxes).
  • I kick ass at Tetris. Which means I kick ass at packing. I can fit boxes, bags and ski boots into every nook and cranny in order to maximize space.
  • I never complain about being hungry. Which means you can put me to work all day, and I won't beg that we stop for a lunch break (although you might want to be on the lookout for signs of faintness).
  • I'm a night owl. Which means even though you're passed out on the couch at 8pm, I'll still be unpacking and organizing until 1am (and drinking the beer).
  • I love putting furniture together. Which means I'll have the IKEA TV stand assembled by the time you've caught up on the last two episodes of The Event on Hulu while sprawled out on the couch (or maybe the loveseat because you weren't able to fit the couch up the stairs and it's still chilling in the garage along with the queen-sized guest bed).
  • I can drive a stick shift. Which means I can drive the standard vehicle while you drive the 24' moving truck (thank god, because somebody had to drive my stick shift car).
  • I'm have a great internal clock and concept of time. Which means I'm more realistic when it comes to estimating time frames (like when you say we'll be unpacking at the new place at 2:30pm and we're actually unpacking at 4:30pm, like I predicted).
In short, the move went really well. In fact, it was the smoothest move to-date (aside from being unable to get the couch and bed up the stairs. We were planning on getting rid of those eventually anyway). 

I'm loving the new place so far. And the best part? My commute in to work has been reduced from 60 minutes to 10 and the drive home has gone from 90 to 15 minutes. Lovely.


Stacie's Madness said...

hahaha tetris...that was funny.
glad you're diggin the new place!

Shelley Weber said...

the first five pertain to me too... i have found im very organized and whatnot every time... in the million moves ive made. And no matter how many times i am mocked for labeling all boxes sometimes very detailed, i will still do it, it helps! Though i can get cranky if I havent eaten...
maybe thats why we are so good, we have been doing it our whole lives.
enjoy the new place, and the shortened commute... post some pictures when you can!

Shelley Weber said...

p.s. moving is very much like tetris!! Im good at that part too

Sara Louise said...

You do seem like the perfect mover! I'm pretty decent myself except for the putting together of furniture part, and I never made the correlation before, but I rock at Tetris!

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