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Friday, March 12, 2010

Golden Girl*

As a sort of homage to the Oscars(sort of) on Sunday night, I experimented with gold leafing. There were a few things I learned while experimenting with the joys of gold leafing:
  1. Safety first (technically, I learned this while glass etching)
  2. Gold leafing involves a huge time commitment as you need to wait an hour between each step (which made it the perfect project to work on during the Oscars. That show is long!)
  3. This shit is addicting!!
  4. If you have any perfectionist in you (and God help me, I do!), this might not be the project for you, but if you can get past the fact that your results won't be perfect (and this is where my stubbornness really helped), you can gold leaf ANYTHING!!
  5. You should not gold leaf while in bed (just one more thing to add to my long list of things that should not happen while in bed)
  6. Did I mention this shit is addicting? Yeah, it is.
Please enjoy this visual step-by-step of my Sunday evening. Enjoy!

(safety first! gold leafing is stinky!)

(the supplies. I used Rex Art Gold Leafing Kit. This is a six step process, but I skipped the antiquing step)

(the gold leaf. this isn't the gold leaf that came with the kit. I can't remember what kind this is and I can't find it. it's possible it's no longer available)

(the first step. these are my 3-D glasses I swiped from the theater after watching Avatar. I think you were technically suppose to return/recycle them, but the movie was LONG and I wanted a souvenir.)

(prepping my otter. remember? I bought him at Michaels)

(gold leaf applied. this is like, step three)

(drying after applying step 4, the sealer)

(modeling my new glasses! I intend on adding some more decorations to these, so stay tuned! after all, if you're forced to sit through long, sci-fi, 3-D movies, shouldn't you be rockin' some cool shades? I think so)

(my Cabbage Patch was jealous and wanted to try them on too)

(they look SO much better on her!)

Hope you enjoyed this! After gold leafing on Sunday, I was motivated to do some more later on. I'll definitely show you pics of those later!

* How perfect! I just noticed that this is my 50th post! Hurray for the golden one!

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