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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Sunday Morning!

Five quick things because it's gorgeous outside and who wants to spend the day on the computer? Not this sunshine-starved girl!

1. It is impossible to sleep-in if you neglect to turn off your alarm clock... again. This is a lesson I should have learned already, since it happens EVERY WEEKEND, but alas. I have not (of course, I also should have learned by now that I am no longer 23 and can no longer party like a rock star without some SERIOUS consequences and suffering the following morning. But that's a tale for another day)

2. I woke up this morning feeling super creative. Maybe it's the sunshine, or maybe it's because when my eyes opened, they saw this...

(don't ask). 
Here's a close-up...

Isn't that just the coolest? 
(I am, of course, referring to the pattern shining through the beer bottles, not the beer bottles themselves)

This has inspired me to attempt to etch beer bottles! Ambitious, I know, but I am determined. Two Christmases ago I bought some glass etching cream to make personalized gifts for my fam and haven't used it since. Hopefully it's still good. Now if only I can find my stencils (this could prove to be a huge challenge since I have moved four times since that creative Christmas and most of my life is packed up in storage about 6 hours away).

3. Apparently I like to take pictures of myself... a lot! I don't know why this is, but every time I upload pics from my camera onto my laptop, there are, inevitably, at least 400* pics of myself. Maybe I'm in love with myself, or maybe I'm just hoping that, this time, this time, I'm going to look in a picture like I do in my head (did you follow me on that one). I'm guessing my photo obsession has more to do with the last one and I'm guessing that this ambition has yet to be accomplished. Here, enjoy my latest...

(cheesy fake smile and all!)

4. I just discovered a packet of blue Crayola® Model Magic™ and a gold leafing kit under my bed. I'm feeling inspired all over again...

5. I have plans later today that do not involve writing my thesis. I am anticipating that these plans will be canceled. Blame it on my sunny optimism, but I would say there's a 90% chance of this happening. As a result, you can probably expect a new, bitter rant over at The Bitter Blonde later on this evening. 

That is all! Enjoy this glorious Spring-like day!

* this is an exaggeration, sort of. I usually only find about 3-4 pics on my camera, but since I have an entire folder on my desktop dedicated to these types of pics, I'd say it would be fair to assume that I have a problem.

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