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Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm crafty! -or- Michaels is crack and I'm a crack-whore

Okay, normally I don't blog about (insert random topic here) craft projects. Mainly because I don't have time to do them and haven't, in fact, done anything crafty since Christmas of 2008. Sad, I know. However, all that changed today because of some sunshine, a tapestry and two bottles of beer! (For an explanation on how those otherwise seemingly random items relate to each other, click here)

I started this morning out by experimenting with some glass etching. I was lacking some crucial materials, but managed to find some suitable replacements in my closet (it's like a gold mine in there!). I'm going to save that whole process and what not for a later post, but here is a teaser pic to get you excited...

After my glass etching experimentation, I became inspired to take a trip to Michaels, one of the best and worst stores to waste an hour or two or three in. I went there for letter stencils and left with about $20 worth of goodies (which is really GOOD for me. I can drop $60 in that place in 30 minutes. My current financial situation, however, forced me to restrain myself.) Without giving too much away about my future craft endeavors, I purchased...

a pack of these  
(or, something similar to these)

two of these 
(or, close enough)

a "toob" of these 
(which I have plans for inspired by these gilded goodies- alright, well, I can't find them, but I promise when I post about this crafty project, I will have a link)

I also purchased some little blue birds, but I can't find them online anywhere, so, that's that. After my trip to the crack house Michaels, I was super psyched to get back home a create some more! Here's a peak...

Alright, that's all for now. I'm distracted by the Oscars right now and have totally lost my focus of this post. (Ryan Seacrest is an idiot, and I can't figure out why E! is having Jay Manuel and Giuli-whoseherface critique people's outfits like they're doing a play-by-play for the Super Bowl, AND I'm really enjoying following Una LaMarche's live Oscar blog). I will catch you all up tomorrow... I think... wait, what? Sorry, I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal. Gotta go!

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Laura said...

Ok...two similarities...I too love Michaels...and I too LOVE Jake Gyllenhaal. Ahhh heavenly things these days! Enjoy your etching, and hope to see some cool productions!

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