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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's a wandering girl to do?

So, I received this email from my post office tonight, and I immediately began to panic:
Dear April:
Your renewal fee of $30.00 for the PO Box listed below is due on 03/31/2010.
PO Box:                          1134
Post Office location:         41 Main St.
I signed up for a 6-month PO Box last October when I was unsure of where I would be moving to at the end of the month (at the time, I was temporarily staying at the farm house of a friend of one of my sisters. It's a long story). A girl needs to get her mail, you know? Well, it appears my six months is almost up, and I'm left with a bit of a dilemna. I graduate grad school in May (fingers crossed) and have no idea where I'll be living or what my address will be after that. Do I...
  1. renew my rental for another 6-months with the understanding that I might only need it for another two months?
  2. have my mail forwarded to my current physical address for the next two months (I really hate the forwarding/change of address process, which I seem to do at least once a year) only to have to forward it again after that?
  3. ... I forgot what my third option was, but I'm pretty sure there was one.
The point is, I have a big decision to make here. It seems I am once again approaching a crossroads where I must determine my next big move (and I don't mean the PO Box. I mean finding a job, moving...). How did this come upon me so quickly? Wasn't it just September and I was moving back to NY from VA
(sigh) The life of a nomadic soul.

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Krista said...

Forward it. No sense in paying for a mailbox you will probably only use for another two months. Then be sure to email, text, "Facebook" me your new address. (Yeah, I just used that as a verb).

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