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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RST: Fiber, Michaels, speeding, Quiznos, big news, headbands, TV, and an award.


It's Tuesday, which means, time again for another Random Shit Tuesday

My long-overdue randomness...

Forget everything you've ever heard about fiber. It's evil. Don't eat it. That is all.


Whenever I get thoroughly bummed out, I find myself wandering the aisles of a Michaels, and then I'm instantly happy again. Of course, it only lasts until I walk out of the store, but at least for that brief moment in time everything is right with the world.


I thought there was an unspoken rule of the road that it's mandatory to do at least 5mph over the speed limit? I'm thinking the people of Virginia didn't get this make-believe memo.

Which reminds me, I've been meaning to write about my rules of the road for quite some time now. One of these days I'll get on that. I know I have the notes and diagrams for that post around here somewhere...


Do the new Quiznos commercials creep anyone else out? They scare the bejeezus out of me. I mean, who was the "genius" that came up with this marketing disaster? Or am I the only one who goes running for the mute button whenever it comes on?

And just a little FYI, the new "bullet" has next-to-no meat on it, which is why they can justify charging $3 for it. Wait. No they can't. Basically you're spending $3 on bread. 


You might want to sit down for this next one.

Are you sitting down?

Okay, now take a deep breath...

... this is gonna be big...


As in a real job interview, not like that fake one I had a couple of weeks ago. This is an interview for an actual available position. As an elementary art teacher no less.


I can't hardly believe it myself. So everyone send me good vibes around 3:00pm EST.

I think headbands are super cute, and I have a couple, but they give me headaches, so I can't really wear them for long. Probably has to do with my big noggin. 


I've been slacking on watching Project Runway this season, and I gotta be honest with you, it doesn't break my heart. *gasp* I can't believe I would ever confess to that, but it's true. In fact, now that LOST is over, I'm thinking of bailing on TV altogether. *GASP* I mean, really, what's left that's worth watching?

Pacey who? I think you mean Peter.
Oh! Wait! Fringe is still on, right? (please tell me it is) Oh, and I forgot about Modern Family and Cougar Town. Those are still on too, right? Okay, so maybe I won't be so hasty to bail on TV yet.


A while back (last week?) the lovely Sara Louise from Sara In Le Petit Village honored me with a blogger award. Sara lives in, you guessed it, France, where she moved to after falling head over heels for a Frenchman. Lucky duck. Who hasn't imagined falling for a dashing foreigner and then being whisked away to a far away land where they speak a language you don't quite understand and have customs that you also don't quite understand?

The Proof
So, I think it goes without saying that I'm honored to receive the You're Going Places Award from such a world traveler. I can only assume that these Places referred to aren't necessarily physical places but also metaphysical in which case, she's right, I am going places, places no one wants to follow me to.

Anyawkwardness, I didn't see any "rules" associated with this award, which is a relief, and I think I can just pass it on to whoever the hoo-ha I want, so... therefore... without... any... further... ado... (sorry, I'm a little giddy this morning and I can't explain why. Well, maybe it has something to do with my INTERVIEW THIS AFTERNOON, but I can't be sure) moving on... 

I present the You're Going Places Award to...

Jules at Night Notes on Napkins


A Vapid Blonde

and because I have issues with even numbers...

Cathy at Antsy Pants


It's occurred to me recently that I am WAAAAAAAYYYYY behind on my blog reading, but I suspect this is occurring all across the board right now. I'm going to try to catch-up here soon. Maybe once I get a job I'll feel less guilty about spending my time in the blogging world.


And that's about it. Actually, that was quite a lot, huh? You all remember your homework, right? 3:00pm EST. Good vibes. My way. Thanks.



Shelley Weber said...

YAY! 3pm. Its on my list for today.

I wish we had a Michaels around here, or something similar even...

I had not seen it before, but I agree. That commercial is creepy. Its things like that that make me glad we don't have television.

I want to go places! Though I mean physically... or career-wise... that would be nice too.

jules said...

Yay! Thanks for the award! My current post was about Mia Sara. I'm actually Julie, but thats ok. My best friend is Sara though!

As for other things.
Michaels makes me sooo happy. I spent many hours there this weekend.

Those Quiznos cats are CREEPY! Didn't they use weird mice in their ads a few years ago?

Good luck with the interview!!!

One Blonde Girl said...

@ Jules- Whoops! I knew that too. I think I must have had Sara on the brain because she was the one who gave me the award. Sorry 'bout that. And I think Quiznos has always had slightly disturbing commercials. I don't recall the mice one but I don't remember an obscene oven.

@ Shelley- Thanks. And me too.

cbs111 said...

3 pm good vibes got it.

Those cats are so scary, I don't even mute it I just turn it off.

DateMeDC said...

Congrats on the job interview! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

One Blonde Girl said...

@ cbs111- Thanks! I usually change the channel. They're so freaky.

@ DateMeDC- Thanks to you too! Now I'm just waiting. We'll see how it goes.

Cathy said...

OK, lots going on in this post, but first, thanks for the award!!

Let's see...Quizno's commercials are always weird. I love Michaels! Why must people drive the speed limit? Don't they know I have places to go(and I'm probably late)? Yay for the interview! I think my dream job would be an elementary school art teacher, but I know those jobs are ridic hard to get, so I really hope you get this one! Fringe!! Yes, it comes back soon! How's that for a long run-on random comment.

A Vapid Blonde said...

Oh Thank you my sweetie pie. I love this award!!! love love love, in fact I may be humping it right now.

SHHHH! don't tell my husband. I am SURE he wouldn't understand.

I will pass this on with glee!

Sara Louise said...

I have even number issues too.

And I wish I could wear headbands but I have a tiny pea sized head. I have to wear little kid hairbands but they are all sparkly, pink, and bowed. Alas, I go headbandless. It's one of the great sadnesses of my life

.Twig. said...

YES...Those quiznos commercials.....the one a few years ago, I can still sing it. Mother F....

"we love the subs!"

Creepily screeming wombats or something. I guess it worked, but their foot is still bullshit on a bun.

PS. I think you are still anti-robot ;) although your captcha was funny, it was "toughfuclala"

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