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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RST: Short and sweet and all sorts of rambly.

It's Tuesday, which means, time again for another Random Shit Tuesday

My almost-forgotten randomness...

Whoa! Did you all know today was Tuesday? Totally slipped my mind. What with the two new jobs and what not. Oh, and did I mention I have another interview Thursday morning to fill the vast empty hole that is my Wednesdays? I do. Which means I could be a true-blue, 100% elementary art teacher. Keep those fingers crossed and those good vibes coming!


As I'm adjusting to my new life, please forgive the inevitable decline in posting that is bound to occur over the next month or so.


Are TB tests supposed to make your hand numb? Hmmm... and people wonder why I fear needles.


The highlights of my new job(s) thus far...
  • free loot (shirts, magnets, candy, supplies, tote bags...)
  • I won a plant as a door prize on "new teacher day" (my year goal for the school year is to keep it alive)
  • my very own, new laptop
  • I lost a classroom, but then I was told they're building me a classroom (well, for me and the other part-time art teacher, but whatev')
  • free breakfast and lunch for two days (catered, no less)
I'm sure there's more stuff, but I'm tired. Getting up at 5:00am blows, yo.

Is anyone else's spacing on their posts getting fucked up like mine, or should I just chalk this one up to "user error?"


Is "else's" not really a legitimate word, or is my spellchecker just joshing with me?


Hooray for my rambling randomness. Please forgive my lameness. It's only temporary.


Stacie's Madness said...

yay for the new job(s)

Anonymous said...

Honestly I just typed "elses and else's" in Word. I got the "fix me" quiggles for "elses".

Congrats on the jobs. My spousal unit is a school secretary at a joint in upstate NY. The staff has started reporting today and she is already dreading it. People have already called in sick for the first official day of school. wtf is up with that?

Constar said...

i knew i should have gone to teachers college or something! but due to my hate for children over the age of 3 (thats when they start mouthing off!) i didnt think it was wise and all! lol. congrats on you new job, and the spacing issue was driving me nuts! it def. wasnt just you

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