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Saturday, February 20, 2010

I crack myself up...

I came across this pic as I was uploading photos for a post on my alias blog, The Bitter Blonde. I had completely forgotten I took this! 

Last week, we actually got hit with some snow (about 6 inches. I know, extreme, right!? Someone call a state of emergency, stat!). Being the ever-ready, Adirondack-born, mountain girl that I am, I have been storing my winter gear in my car. I know, I'm super smart. 

In my defense, the last "blizzard" we got here resulted in about three inches of snow. In the Adks, I still wore my flip flops in three inches of snow* (and I still have all my toes. Amazing.)!

Well, I took it upon myself to go outside about midday and shovel the steps and walkway to our house (my housemates are all, what we 'dackers would call, city-folk and can't be trusted with this task).  Being sans winter boots and winter jacket, this is the stylishly fabulous outfit I doned for the job. 

Please take particular note of the jeans tucked inside the thermal socks (the longest pair I own). This was to prevent the bottoms of my jeans (which are no strangers to mud and puddles, mind you) from dragging in the snow and becoming sopping wet all the way up to my knees. 

Really, I should be ashamed to call mysef an Adirondacker or a mountain girl or claim roots in the North Country. I can feel the slickerness of the city slowly taking over...

* I have a very funny story of a time when I had to help my step-father haul buckets of water from our house to his garage in order to put out a chimney fire. It was the dead of winter, I was home sick from school, and I was barefoot. To be continued...

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