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Friday, February 26, 2010

Things to do on a snow day (revised).

Okay, so I previously posted about the Poladroid program, but after using it once, I ran into trouble with it. I then came across the site, Polaroin and decided to take that for a test drive. I am surprisingly pleased by this site. You don't need to dowload any programs, which is great, and the transformation of your pics happens much more quickly. Prior to "polarizing" your pics, you can enter text to "write" on your Polaroin and select one of three color effects, blue (default), red (see Benny Bugger below) and green (see Gardiner, NY below). I selected some new pics to transform this time, but in the interest of comparison, I also transformed a few of the same pics from my previous post  (sorry, Krissy Sue, you didn't make the cut this time, but your boys did!).

Overall, I think I like the blue (default) color effect the most, and the "polarizing" seems to work best on brightly lit pics (see the top two pics). I really like being able to "write" on the pics, and I think that's the feature that's going to keep me coming back.

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