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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I eat from dirty spoons

Yeah, okay, SOMETIMES I don't technically wash my utensils before I use them again. And yeah, SOMETIMES this extends to other dishes as well. Of course, I do this only because I have a great concern for conserving one of our greatest natural resources, water (read:sometimes I'm just too damn lazy).

Really though, I don't see anything wrong with this. I DO have some stipulations. For one, I have to be willing to clean said utensil with a good tongue licking before I reuse it, and two, said utensil cannot be used in anything communally shared.

For example, I thoroughly licked the congealed butter off the spoon I used for my pasta dinner tonight before enjoying a tasty peanut butter snack (yes, directly from the jar. I also have a tendency to drink things straight from the carton/bottle. You've been warned).

I will also just RINSE a coffee mug before using it (with water, of course) and WIPE OUT a bowl before refilling it (unless said bowl was previously used for something that dried all crusty-like).

You call it lazy. I call it genius.

You call it disgusting. I call it extra flavor.

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Krista said...

What's so weird about this? I do it all the time.

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