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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things to do on a snow day.

Alright, now try to stay with me here, I'm about to take you on a bit of a journey...

So, I was perusing the blog of Dolliedaydream, when I came upon this post, which I immediately commented on because I CAN'T WAIT for Alice in Wonderland to come out. While I was commenting, I noticed another comment by this user, Nicole, who has a really cool blog, Cole + Josephine. While perusing this blog, I came upon this post (phew) and discovered... the coolest thing EVER! We're talking a super easy Polaroid program that transforms your pics into, yes, that's right, Polaroids! I won't bore you with the details of how it works, but you can check it out here.

Of course, I got right to work and created my own Polaroids. Here are the results (not nearly as cool as Nicole's, but I'm okay with that):

My twin sis and her newest little guy, Benny Bugger. She hates this pic, but I find it so cute I couldn't resist giving it a retro vibe! (please don't make me take this down, Krissy Sue, like you did on Facebook. Trust me, no one we know will see this!)

The backyard of the farmhouse I lived in last summer during Grad School Summer Art Camp. Very scenic and quite the experience, let me tell you! Maybe someday I'll get over the trauma of the farmhouse and creepy Farmer John and be able to tell about it.

My duckies, which were made last summer during Grad School Summer Art Camp. Someday I'll show off some more of my hard work. These guys are super cute and super sad and I just can't get enough of them!

And of course, a pic of me, which I happen to really like. (Kris, if you want to see a really embarrassing pic of me, click here)

Really though, you have to check out this whole Poladroid (that's not a typo) thing. It's a lot of fun. And if you get a chance, go visit Cole + Josephine and check out the super cool art!

UPDATE: So, after using this program once, I've been having problems with it and have uninstalled it since it no longer seems to work. I have, however, come across this website, which does the same thing with your pictures, but it transforms them online and much quicker. I'm playing around with it now and will post the results later. 

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Laura said...

AWESOME!!!! Thanks for sharing!

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