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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

RST: breakfast, I won, COPS, inside out undies, and game night

Thanks to McGriddle Pants, it is once again, Random Shit Tuesday!

My randomness...

I love the idea of going out for breakfast, but the reality of it sucks. I can't handle eating eggs, and as it turns out, I can't even handle handling eggs (I have a weekend's worth of hives after a weekend of baking to prove that). As you can guess, going out to breakfast doesn't exactly thrill me. When I'm home, my breakfast possibilities are phenomenally more plentiful than when I go out. My eating out options are pretty much limited to English muffins, fruit cups, oatmeal and a side of greasy meat. Egg substitute isn't even a viable option as it is made from, get this, eggs. Aw, life, how you mock me.

On a similar note, when was the last time you went to a Friendly's for breakfast? Have you seen the shit they're offering on their menu now? And we wonder why Americans are so obese...

Friendly’s incomparable French toast stuffed with sweetened Philadelphia® whipped cream cheese, surrounded by juicy strawberry topping and crowned by whipped topping and strawberry ice cream.
Calories: 1380
Fat: 35 g
Sugar: 156 g

Brace yourself. You're about to enter a new dimension in flavor. These buttermilk pancakes are topped with a blend of hot caramel, fresh apples and walnuts, whipped topping, and served with Vanilla ice cream for a taste experience that is out of this world.
Calories: 1540
Fat: 30 g
Sugar: 140 g

A cinnamon roll split in half and prepared like French toast. Served with sweetened Philadelphia® whipped cream cheese, warm caramel topping, our new Maple Syrup ice cream, and whipped topping.
Calories: 2090
Fat: 57 g
Sugar: 214

Don't worry. If you're craving ice cream for breakfast, but none of these options quite do it for you, Friendly's allows you to order a scoop of ice cream on any breakfast menu item. Mmmm, yum. I'm thinking Mint Chocolate Chip on a Three Cheese & Bacon Omelette. Who's with me? 

♠ I won another giveaway! Yay me! See, I am a winner. This giveaway was by Gillar Girl, and it involved these sweet cupcake toppers. 


I'm so excited since I love to bake. Now I just have to come up with an event to use them for...

♥ I may or may not have made out with a guy once (okay, maybe twice) who ended up on an episode of COPS. It may or may not have been this episode. (No, I will not tell you who it was, but let's just say it wasn't anyone featured in the first 7 minutes of this episode. Thank you very much.)

♦ Yesterday it took me all day to realize that I was wearing my underwear inside out. Silly me. Wish I could say this wasn't a frequent occurrence, but alas, I cannot. Usually sex is involved when this happens, but not yesterday. No, I just wasn't paying close enough attention when I got dressed. Again, silly me.

★ This past Friday I helped my sister plan a game night for a group of her friends (and one other sister and an old friend from undergrad). Despite the fact that I anticipated having very little in common with the "BP Wives" (that would be Border Patrol Wives, which all of them were, except for myself, the other sister and the college friend), I found that they were all nice women, fun to hang out with, and when chocolate and games are involved, commonalities aren't so important. Until, of course, my brain farted and I misread "bongos" on an Apples to Apples card as "bongs" and made a complete ass of myself. We all had a good laugh over it, but I could have sworn I felt 20 eyeballs silently judging me for the rest of the evening. Especially when conversation kept returning to a discussion of my "gypsy" ways. Whatever. I guarantee they don't have any fond memories or good stories involving both bongos and bongs.

Oh, and I was kind of bummed out when no one ate the treats I made for the evening. I was super excited about them, but I guess chocolate and whipped topping layered desserts and taco dip trump fancy cupcakes and pear and feta cheese tarts. I'd like to think their palates aren't nearly refined as mine, but I suspect I just have unusual taste preferences. In case you're curious, here's what I made...

(I couldn't find a green tea powder, so I substituted an iced tea mix. For the record, the recipe is lacking. Seriously. As in, it's lacking crucial elements, like ingredients. I'm sure you can find a better recipe elsewhere)

(For the record, I think this site is bogus. There are much better, more legit recipe sites out there. This recipe was also missing some key elements. Like ingredients. And the recipe for the frosting is just wrong. It takes way more than 4 - 4 1/2 cups of powdered sugar to "make a spreadable frosting". And forget about using a pastry bag. I used over 5 cups of sugar and that shit still ran and dripped all over the place. At least they tasted good.)

(links to the inspiration recipe)
My Recipe:
about 20 sheets phyllo 
1 pear, peeled, cored and diced
6 oz. feta cheese
black pepper, to taste
3-4 tablespoons Chobani Honey Greek yogurt
dried basil

* Cut phyllo into squares according to package directions
* Bake phyllo squares in mini-tart pan according to directions (you can pretty much wing it here. I did)
* Mix pear and feta until combined, add pepper to taste
* Fill phyllo cups with pear cheese mixture and top with yogurt
* Bake at 350° for 15 minutes
* Sprinkle crushed, dried basil on top to make it pretty

Attention McGriddle: I apologize for posting RST before you, but you live on the West Coast, girl. You're always going to be behind me. Sorry. Blame the time zones. ;-)


Krista said...

Couldn't find or mistakenly picked up? :-)

Writing Womb said...

ugh! caramel cinamon swirl french toast OMG that looks to die for and with more calories than i would eat all day, i would proabably die...still my mouth is watering hard for this ...I am guessing that restaurant is only in the states though??? said...

Omg, those treats sound HEAVENLY!!! I would eat them and eat them all!! Those people are crazy! And thanks for the recipe! :)

One Blonde Girl said...

@ Krista- Technically I couldn't find the powder the recipe called for, so I was substituting with iced tea drink mix.

@ Writing Womb- I'm pretty sure that breakfast has more calories than I consume in two days.

@ hiphophippie- No probs!

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