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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Brain's on Vay-Cay

Right now my mind is pretty much preoccupied with packing and other life shit. Coming up with clever things to write about is pretty much out of the question (Shut up! I do to write clever and funny things!). So, here is some random stuff to tide you over (I know, and it's not even RST).

First off, is a faux-Snuggie considered clothing? I happen to have one in my possession that I would like to get rid of. Can I drop it off in a clothing drive drop-off box, or is it technically considered a blanket, and therefore not suitable for the drop-off box?

Second of all, I just caught the weirdest, most-fascinating train wreck of a show on VH1, You're Cut Off! Normally, I don't write about the TV that I watch, but for fun, here's some quotes from the show:
"I didn't hire her as a life coach. I already have an astrologer."
"I am not doing laundry."
"We're taking a van? Seriously? We're not getting a limo?"
"I'm a fly princess."
"My housekeeper doesn't even live in houses like this."
"What about our diamonds?"
"I have to go tanning."
I can't say that I'll ever watch it again, mainly because I can never remember when shows are on (seriously, my sister had to remind me EVERY Tuesday via Facebook that LOST was on, and we're talking LOST here, folks!).

Thirdly, I'm watching repeats of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and I love the fact that the big sisters are giving the younger sisters a talk about puberty and starting their first period. Seriously, I wish my big sister had done that for me. Instead, I had to make do with the book my mom bought for my twin and I to read. I remember this topic was discussed by the lovely Hipstercrite awhile back. Real quick, go read this post, A Brutally Embarrassing Coming-of-Age Story, and then come back (please?). Alright, now tell me, what was your experience with this time of your life like?

Finally, go check out the giveaway. Seriously. Do it. Otherwise McGriddle pants is going to walk away with the prize, and how is that any fun? Competition is good for the soul.

And since I hate posting without pictures, check out these two pics that I found while packing. My mom sent these to me at some point in time, and I forgot that I had them. Aren't they great?

The little boy is my grandfather, and the baby is my great-aunt. My grandfather passed away when I was really young, so I barely knew him. My great-aunt passed away last year, unfortunately I barely knew her as well because... well, I'm not really sure why. We just never saw her. It's good to have these pics though.

Anywho... enjoy your Thursday. Can you believe it's almost Friday already? Where the hell does the time go?


Krista said...

I came across the same pics while I was cleaning the house like a madwoman for game night!

Krista said...

P.S. Your giveaway link has not sent me to the actual giveaway blog in either of the last two blogs you mentioned it in. Is it just me?

One Blonde Girl said...

@ Krista- I wonder how much neck pain our great-grandmother (?) experienced holding her head up with all that weight piled up on top. Hopefully she only had to deal with it for the photo and not all the time. Oh, and thanks for the heads up. I don't know why my links were wonky, but they should be fine now.

Hope said...

I think a faux snuggie counts as clothing. I mean, it has sleeves!

Salt said...

Faux snuggie definitely = clothing because of the sleeves. Or you can just send it to me.

Just kidding. Sort of.

I can't decide which would be worse. Figuring out my period all by myself or having Khloe Kardashian explain it to me.

Amber said...

I'm scared to watch You're Cut Off. I really don't need to be addicted to another show with horrible people...I still can't believe that I've watched every episode of Jersey Shore multiple times.

Isn't it weird that VH1 has almost nothing to do with music anymore? said...

I have to check out that show--those quotes are priceless.

I'm a fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians too. (though I watch it by myself on low volume in the dark so no one knows...) I worked out next to Kim in bootcamp a couple weeks ago. Her ass is no joke!

One Blonde Girl said...

@ Salt- Good points. Sleeves should = clothing, and after watching Khloe demonstrate how a tampon becomes a flower, the younger girls might be better off on their own.

@ Amber- I don't usually watch reality TV, but right now it makes me feel better about who I am. I have to say, I never got into Jersey Shore though. And VH1 is crap now, as are all the other channels that started out good and turned trashy (MTV, TLC, BRAVO...)

@ hippityhophop- Oh, and those were only in the first 5-10 minutes. I also don't allow others IRL to see me watching trashy reality shows. I equated it to reading the tabloids at the grocery store when you're by yourself, but only eyeballing them when you're with someone you want to respect you.

One Blonde Girl said...

@ Hope- Whoops! Sorry I missed you somehow. It will never happen again. I hope your cat is okay, and I love the pics of your nephews.

One Blonde Girl said...

Your nephew and niece! Damn! I'm just screwing up all around tonight. I'll make it up to you, I promise

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