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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another Goddamn I ♥ Etsy post. Deal with it.

If you've been paying attention AT ALL this week, you may have noticed that I'm feeling, uh, under the weather this week, so-to-speak. I've been snippy, cranky, miserable. Hell, I even had the audacity to give a totally uncalled for geography lesson to people I don't even know. In other words, I've been a raging bitch, which is why I'm dedicating this edition of I ♥ Etsy to the wonderfulness of this past week.  

(And, holy shit, how did it become the weekend already? Weren't we just here?)

I should probably wear this as a warning sign.

Cute but crazy, just like me.

This is what I'm doing inside my head.

This is a pretty accurate representation too.

Wearing this button and pointing to it at opportune moments
would probably be nicer than screaming it out loud, right?

I should probably pick some of these up to give out
at the end of the week.

And this showed up when I did a search for "PMS".
Wearing this would certainly make me feel prettier.

What makes you feel better during that delicate time of month?


Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Biting the heads off of small furry creatures always makes me feel better.

Christy said...

Just keep bitching up a storm. You'll just be joining the rest of us who've had a bad week. My in-laws are here. Pitch a bitch for me since I have been seriously stifled this week.

DateMeDC said...

chocolate. always works.

kimberly montoya said...

none of my business, but if you are on the pill, it might be making you crazier than normal. I went off 2 years ago and I am much less crazy now. I mean, I still give geography lessons to complete idiots, cause stupid ppl need to know they're stupid. hahahah j/k, that was so bitchy of me.

luv your blog, don't ever stop.

One Blonde Girl said...

@ MMH- Good to know... Note to Self: Don't get MMH that kitten for Christmas this year.

@ Christy- Ooh. Ouch. You poor, poor thing.

@ DateMe- Oh yes it does.

@ Kimberly- you are absolutely correct. I have experimented with different types over the years, and have found the one that makes me the least crazy. And thanks.

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