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Friday, July 23, 2010

Tales from the Texting Thumb.

From: The G-Man
Morning beautiful! Want to meet me for lunch today?
Jul 23, 10:28 am

huh? what? where? when? seriously?
To: The G-Man
Sent: Jul 23, 10:31 am

From: The G-Man
R u still sleeping?
Jul 23, 10:32 am

no. but i wish i were
To: The G-Man 
Sent: Jul 23, 10:33 am

From: The G-Man
Ohh..u sounded confused.
Jul 23, 10:33 am

From: The G-Man
I wanted to see if u wanted to meet me here at [place of work] for a sushi lunch
Jul 23, 10:34 am

like, i would have to drive? and shower? but that might disrupt my job searching time...
To: The G-Man 
Sent: Jul 23, 10:36 am

From: The G-Man
Well I wouldn't want to take u away from that... I know how much u enjoy it
Jul 23, 10:53 am

right... so seriously though, it sounds like a lot of work... can't i just place an order to go. and then you can deliver it?
To: The G-Man 
Sent: Jul 23, 10:55 am

From: The G-Man
Jul 23, 10:55 am

why not? it's not like you have anything better to do, right? I mean, hello! I've got a huge "To Do" list going on over here.
To: The G-Man 
Sent: Jul 23, 10:58 am

From: The G-Man
Well...there is the whole work thing
Jul 23, 11:04 am

pffft... work schmork. all the cool people are unemployed these days. so... when again? my tummy is rumbly. i suppose i can drive for sushi
To: The G-Man 
Sent: Jul 23, 11:07 am

From: The G-Man
can you be here noonish?
Jul 23, 11:08 am

uh... not if i need to be clean. which i do. and furthermore, how do i get there and where do i meet you?
To: The G-Man 
Sent: Jul 23, 11:10 am

From: The G-Man
Just come to [place of work]...park in the parking lot at the corner of [such-and-such] st and [so-and-so] ave. U will need id...just tell the guards at the checkpoint you are going to see [company] on [so-and-so] ave.
Jul 23, 11:18 am

okay, im going to have to pass. no way im going to make it since i just began battling the bathtub stopper in an attempt to remove a clog.
To: The G-Man 
Sent: Jul 23, 11:19 am

From: The G-Man
Jul 23, 11:20 am

well yeah, i want to shower first!
To: The G-Man 
Sent: Jul 23, 11:20 am

fine. ill fight the hair clog later.
To: The G-Man 
Sent: Jul 23, 11:22 am

Four hours, one I-95 traffic/incorrect directions incident, and one boring tour of [place of work] later and I finally make it back home. So much for that "To Do" list. I need a nap.


Logical Libby said...

At least you got sushi. You did get sushi, right?

Didactic Pirate said...

Your thumbs need a nap. Can't believe you text in complete sentences.

Krista said...

Who is the G-Man? Is this a new OBG cast member or just a second nickname for a pre-existing member? If so, did he seriously call you beautiful? And did you really text in such lengthy sentences or using more poetic license with this?

One Blonde Girl said...

@ Logical Libby- Yes, yes I did. Yummy.

@ DP- Yes, they do. I hate texting. Almost enough to put aside my utter hatred for talking on the phone. Almost.

@ Krista- Apparently you don't keep up, huh? The G-Man was previously known as Gregarious, which I got tired of typing. And yes, that word was used. It kind of made me throw up in my mouth. (Wait a minute... are you inferring that I'm NOT beautiful?) And yes, these were the texts, word-for-word, letter-for-letter, poor punctuation-for poor punctuation.

Krista said...

Yes, I must have missed that somewhere along the line. I missed a couple of posts while out of town.

No, I was not inferring that you are not beautiful. I was gagging at the fact that he used that word.

jules said...

"all the cool people are unemployed." HA HA HA. LOVE it!

i-95 is a nightmare!

Anonymous said...

Just reading that text conversation wore me out. I hope the sushi was good.

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