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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Whoopsy! (Is it really only Wednesday?)

Okay, okay, okay, so TODAY I'm finally headed to the freakin' post office and continuing on back to DC. 

I swear, Northern NY is a death trap. A black hole. There are forces at work here that I can't even begin to explain. They throw obstacles in your path left and right and get you so downtrodden that you start to believe that you actually want to stay in this desolate part of the world.

It sure is pretty though. And laid-back and easy-going. And the sunshine sure is warm and inviting. I'm sure it wouldn't be that bad...

No, no, no! I'm jumping in the car RIGHT NOW

Well, maybe after a cup of coffee. That drive back sure will be a doozy.

In the meantime, I have some philosophical (as philosophical as one can be without coffee) questions for you to ponder. 
  • If you have the ability to easily let someone off the hook for something they're sweating over, do you? Or do you think, "Huh, I could tell so-and-so to not worry about it, maybe some other time, however, I'm really curious as to what excuse so-and-so will come up with this time. And furthermore, if this is always so-and-so's idea, and so-and-so always cancels, shouldn't so-and-so be made to sweat over the lame excuses?"
  • Pennsylvania or New Jersey? PA or NJ? The long route or the aggravating route? PA? NJ?
  • Which is more important in life, security or happiness? (I may or may not have recently watched The Wedding Singer)
  • What's the best music for a summer road trip?
  • Do you believe in soul mates? Explain your answer. And furthermore, is it best to have known your soul mate and lost him/her or to have never known him/her at all? (I may or may not have recently watched 500 Days of Summer)
Okay, now discuss. I'm feeling brave and daring and have decided to allow unmoderated comments. Ooh, I am living on the edge.
I'll answer these questions myself tomorrow. Possibly. Assuming I ever make it on the road today. In other words, GO AWAY! I've got places to be. Jeesh.


Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Great questions, but alas I must pull a Scarlett and think about them tomorrow. Currently I am in a battle with my blog... its being a bitch.

Erin said...

Re: So-and-so. I'm of the "life is too short" school of thought. Can't be bothered with so-and-sos. Also, PA. And happiness, but with a sugar daddy. Muse for a road trip. Soul mates - yes, even if they drive you absolutely batshit crazy. My feeling is, if you have no qualms about farting around someone and the thought of them being with someone else makes you throw up in your mouth, that's probably your soul mate. Purely scientific research.

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