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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

RST: Post office and the XX


Random Shit Tuesday will not be seen today.

Why? Because hopefully I've finally gotten my lazy butt to the post office to check my mail. Which I haven't done in about three weeks. I mean, hello[] It's only four-ish hours away (from my current location. Six-ish from my Virginia location).

*Based on the comments I'm receiving, I should clarify this. My post office is four-six hours away because I have yet to change my mailing address or forward my mail since I don't really have anywhere to forward it to. My post office box at my last address in NY is paid for through October, so I figured I would keep it as long as I'm able to pass through the area once a month. Plus, all I really get in the mail are store fliers and other junk mail, so it's not that big of a deal. Sorry for the confusion.*

In the meantime, for your viewing (and listening) pleasure...

See you all back here tomorrow (maybe).


Steve G. said...

Holy hell, four hours away from a post office? How does that happen? There are about seven within 10 miles of me here in Rhode Island.

Salt said...

Your post office is 4 HOURS AWAY?? How the hell does that even happen!?

Christy said...

You still haven't been able to get this fixed? OMG! This is one of the reasons we say people "go postal". Just ridiculous. I feel for you.

International Woman of Mystery said...

Hope you made it to the post office... I love the XX!

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