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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tales from the Texting Thumb, Part Deux

First, a quick history lesson...
The G-Man has been on the prowl for a new* job for, oh, about a month or so now. He started his search by posting his resume online. And then he sat back and watched as the responses came pouring in. Seriously. He was receiving calls and emails from recruiters and potential employers on a daily basis[] (still is? I don't know, he stopped relaying those sorts of things to me. Could be because I threatened to remove his balls if I had to hear about his job searching success stories EVER AGAIN. Not really. But it came close.) 
At any rate, he's been on a few interviews and is this close from locking down a sweet offer. The interview for this particular job was last Thursday. Today is Tuesday. He was told to expect an offer letter on Monday. He's been looking for one since Friday. And texting me every time he checks his email to tell me he doesn't have an offer yet.

Here's today's texting converstation...
From: The G-Man 
Well no news yet
Jul 27, 12:13 pm

send an email than. ask if thereIs anything else they need from you (info) and assure them that you can start when they need you to (you need to think about your best interests here, not [current employers]). and why are there kids here?
To: The G-Man
Sent: Jul 27, 12:15 pm

later in the day...

From: The G-Man
Jack Black was in the x files!
Jul 27, 3:33 pm

everytime you text me im filled with excitement and dread. learning that jb was in the x-files doesn't make up for it. sorry.
To: The G-Man 
Sent: Jul 27, 3:35 pm

From: The G-Man
Oh... I also calling the Recruiter and he said they were definitely going to get and offer to me. He also said [prospective new employer] also landed the big [important govt. agency] contract they wanted me to handle so they have been busy**
Jul 27, 3:37 pm

woo-hoo! okay, now the jack black news is a little more interesting. what seasons?
To: The G-Man 
Sent: Jul 27, 3:38 pm

From: The G-Man
S3. F3
Jul 27, 3:39 pm
From: The G-Man
Oops. E3
Jul 27, 3:39 pm

wtf3? you speaking some sort of programmer code? i don't speak geek.
To: The G-Man 
Sent: Jul 27, 3:39 pm

From: The G-Man
Season 3......episode 3! It has nothing to do with geekness
Jul 27, 3:4one pm

sure it doesn't...
To: The G-Man 
Sent: Jul 27, 3:4one pm

From: The G-Man
They don't learn ya bout abbreviations in grad school?***
Jul 27, 3:42 pm

no. they just taught us how to spell out words and cite things. total rip off.
To: The G-Man 
Sent: Jul 27, 3:43 pm

From: The G-Man
I hope I get my own office
Jul 27, 3:45 pm

im sure you can include that in your list of demands
To: The G-Man 
Sent: Jul 27, 3:46 pm

* I stress new because The G-Man already has a job. Unlike some people I know...
** The G-Man uses that fancy texting feature that chooses words for you. I often have no idea what he's texting me, for example, when he wrote "or something Google wrong at the last moment." Uh-huh. I hate it when I Google wrong.
*** The G-Man didn't go to grad school. In fact, he doesn't even have a degree for the job that he does. His Bachelors degree is in a totally different, fairly unrelated field. And yet, his income is one that I would aspire to getting, as a teacher, the year I retire. Maybe. If I take 32 more credit hours. And I've been working for 20+ years. And people say teachers have it so easy.


Midwestern Mama Holly said...

My DH texts in what I call textanese. Most of the time I can decipher it... other times, I just fake it. Over the years, Ive gotten pretty good at!

jules said...

Jack Black was really on X-Files? I'm going to have to check out S3, E3 just for old times sake.

Based on my own horrible job search, I'm not going to mention my jealousy towards the success of the G-Mans.

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