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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm a star!

Or something like that. I'm super excited though because I was chosen as the featured blogger over at Studio 30+ (thank you, Jules!). It may come as a quite a shock to some of you that I can be in a 30+ group, you know, because I very often don't act (or look) my age, but it's true. I'm 30.

On a side note, I had the honor of meeting Pooh's parents last night, and I'm positive I'm impressed the hell out of them with my classiness, seeing as how they're from Connecticut.* Anyway, Pooh texted me later:
Pooh: My parents thought u were like 23
Me: thats hilarious. did you set your parents straight?
Pooh: I told them you were 30 they were shocked.
At any rate, I'm super excited to be a featured blogger. Here's what Studio 30+ had to say about me:
This Week's Featured Blogger is One Blonde Girl. We know. We strayed from only picking people named Amanda.... sorry other Amandas. But One Blonde Girl is FuuuuuuunnnnnY! AND she has a brilliant idea about making people take exit interviews if they decide to stop following your blog.
(Plus, we don't want her to become a full fledge drunk standing on the corner drinking with bums.... maybe this will help.)
Again, THANK YOU!!! I knew all my bitching and moaning would pay off someday. 

*Seriously, Pooh's mom emphasized the word Connecticut when she told me where they were from. I'm pretty sure that woman hasn't been laid in at least five years, based on the amount of pursing her lips were doing.


WhisperingWriter said...

Congrats on being the featured blogger. That rocks!

labbott said...

congrats on the spotlight!

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