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Friday, May 14, 2010

I ♥ Etsy... right?

So, you know how I ♥ Etsy, right? Maybe you do, maybe you don't. That's not the important part (but if you're curious, go ahead and click on that link above to see how much I do. I'll wait).

Yeah, so obviously I have no problems finding tons of shit on Etsy that I really ♥. Well, that all changed today. Since I'm MIA at the moment (I'm writing this to you from the past. Mwah-ha-ha), I thought an edition of I ♥ Etsy would be a good filler post while I'm away. 

Boy was I wrong. I browsed and browsed and browsed, hoping to find something on Etsy that I was in love with enough to post about. I usually like to select a particular theme and base my Etsy posts around that theme. I had the hardest time trying to settle on a theme for this post. Here's how my search went down...

sunshine... birds and fish... journal... steampunk journal... zombies... peas... peas in pod... blonde... april... blonde girl... coffee... sex... homeless... unemployed... heartbroken... ache... sisters... lost love... twin... 

I was obviously getting nowhere. Then (thank god) I remembered reading on another blog somewhere (once again, I can't remember which one. I should start writing this shit down) that Etsy now has a feature called "Suggested Shops" that shows up on your "Favorites" page. Score! 

I now present to you, some* of the shops that Etsy feels that I would like, based on my favorites. Let's explore, shall we?

MarcoLaGrenouille- This shop features the photos of Marc Loret. Good job, Etsy. I really love these photos. Here is one are two of my favorites: 
ModishVintage- because I like vintage stuff, and apparently Etsy knows this. Here's something I really liked from this shop... um... okay! Found something. I think this would go nicely in my future kitchen, don't you?:

LanaKole- Okay, so I'm not quite sure why Etsy suggested this shop to me, but let's just go with it, okay? I happen to really like Alfred Hitchcock Presents, so this is kinda cool:
nanopod- This shop is just way too cool for words. If you have a free moment, check out the website too, Nanopod. You're bound to find something you like. Here's what I like from the Etsy shop:

artlab- I positively LOVE a lot of the clothes in this shop. I wish I had the guts to wear some of this stuff. Check out my faves (click on them to enlarge):

TheNebulousKingdom- Oh, Etsy. You know me too well. Of course I love this shop.

clayflower22- Uh, Etsy. We need to talk. I know I tend to like some really bizarre things at times. But this is just downright creepy. I mean, seriously. What were you thinking?

 And there you have it. I think I like this new Suggested Shop feature... for the most part. Still not sure what was going on with that last shop... Any ways, I found a ton of cool shops that I saved to feature in future I ♥ Etsy posts, so stay tuned.

Hope you are all have a great weekend!

* They provide 20 pages of suggested shops, for a grand total of 200. Holy shit, that's a lot! Who has time to view all of them?


Krista said...

Those first images ARE awesome! And those last two? Thoroughly creepy!

April said...

@ Krista- Yeah, I know. Truly creepy. Guess that means you don't want a set for Christmas, huh?

corinna said...

enjoyable reading - I love Marc's pics (found your blog from his twitter comment) - not tried the suggested shops but will do now :)

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