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Thursday, May 27, 2010

"I see you've met the squirrel people."

Christopher Moore is, by far, one of my favorite authors. The first book of his that I read, and to this day is still my favorite, was A Dirty Job. As much as I would like to go on and on about how awesome this book is, I really don't want to. Seriously though, if you're not familiar, click here. I'll wait for you to catch up.

Ready? All right. Now that you're familiar, I must say that the first time I read this book the Squirrel People scared the shit out of me. I mean, we're talking reanimated, patched together, costumed, dead animals here. That's just downright creepy. Of course, as I reread the book and reread it again (I tend to do that a lot) I came to view the Squirrel People with sympathy and felt that I vastly misunderstood them. Poor things.

The last time I reread A Dirty Job, I actually read the Author's Note and Acknowledgments section of the book and discovered that Moore was inspired by the art work of Monique Montil when he wrote about the Squirrel People. Here's what Monique has to say for herself (click to enlarge):

Just for fun, I thought I'd share with you some of my... um... favorites:

(From top to bottom, left to right: Sir Henry Beaver, Raccoon Fop, Demon, Victorian Alligator, Medieval Skunk, Elizabethan Alligator)

Great, right? Although I can't say that I would ever want one of these creatures for keepsies, but I have to tell you, this is pretty much exactly how I pictured the Squirrel people to look while reading A Dirty Job.

And the test results are in...

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Writing Womb said...

WOw, this book looks totally excellent! I am going to the book store now to see if they have some of his books (fingers crossed the selection of books in thailand is limited) Thanks for sharing this, I am so bored of reading typical fiction, that I have stopped reading for a while...I am excited and praying the book store has it
Excellent recommendation my dear!

Krista said...

Two words... Claire's baby.

McGriddle Pants said...

I still think "Lamb" is my favorite! But I've never read "Dirty Job"... Its next on my list!! THanks!

One Pea said...

@ WWomb- You will NOT regret it. Although, some CM books are better than others.

@ Krista- I don't get it...

@ McGriddle- I really like Lamb too, but you should really read A Dirty Job as well.

Cul-de-sac-ed said...

I prefer my squirrels with skin

I'll take Christopher Moore any way I can get him.

One Blonde Girl said...

@ Cul-de-sac-ed- I agree. When I read the book I pictured the creatures with skin. (and just so you know, my comments are moderated so I can filter out the spam comments)

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