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Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Musical Interlude

Well, it's Saturday (well, technically, for me, it's Wednesday. You are again hearing from my past self. Freaky, right?). I'm not sure where I am or what I'm doing (really, I don't. If you see me, let me know). Hopefully I'm having a fun weekend. I'm sure I'll tell you about it tomorrow or on Monday. Or maybe not. If I'm having a really good time, I'm sure I will be too ashamed to talk about it (assuming I can remember any of it. Damn! Being thesis-free is fantastic fun!). Remember that one weekend I couldn't talk about? That was so... well, it was something. Hopefully the weekend will go down more like that other weekend I spent partying in a field, the one that I kind-of, sort-of talked about without revealing too much. Hopefully it won't be as boring as this past weekend or as sad as that weekend I spent in the mountains. Who knows. I'm sure my future self will fill you in, so enough of the reminiscing.

So, for today's cop-out post, let's talk music.

Summer is coming, I'm unemployed, and in case you missed the memo, I might not have a home after June. Therefore, I'm planning a few road trips to visit family and friends and maybe do some couch surfing. I'd like to start acquiring some new music so I can compile my Summer Driving play list for my iPod.

Of course, I have my typical summer stand-bys (see list below), but I'm always looking to expand my musical repertoire (I think this word works here, right?) so I'm looking for any and all recommendations.
Summer Stand-bys
The Kinks
Ben Harper
Gnarls Barkley (def. a guilty pleasure)
Cheap Trick
Mike Doughty
(I think it pretty much goes without saying that anything on my Favorite Music list will be included, right?)

Contemplating Adding These Albums
Plastic Beach by Gorillaz
Here Lies Love by David Bryne & Fatboy Slim
Brothers by The Black Keys
High Violet by The National
Sea of Cowards by The Dead Weather

So what do you think? What music do you like to road trip by? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


McGriddle Pants said...

Ooooooooo! I love new music! I'll have to get my download on!!

I always go traditional for road trips. Timeless albums that I can listen to over and over and over again.
Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam, Journey... etc.

Oh! and P.S. I gave you an award on my blog! Go check it out!

April said...

@ McGriddle- Me too! Do you ever check out First Listen on NPR? I love it.

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