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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

RST: Microwave popcorn, cell phones, ModCloth, fiber and my toe


I think Tuesdays are my new favorite days. I think McGriddle Pants is my new favorite person. I think Random Shit Tuesday is my new favorite posting topic.

My randomness...

♣ Microwave popcorn doesn't need to be fat-free. There's no need for it. I mean, why? My favorite kind is Pop Secret HomeStyle popcorn. 1 cup of popped popcorn has 2g total fat (incidentally, why do they need to put the nutritional info for unpopped popcorn on the box? People don't eat their popcorn unpopped. By the way, unpopped  popcorn has 11g of total fat. Where does the 8g of fat go to when it's popped?)

Pop Secret 94% Fat-Free popcorn has a little more than .25g total fat per 1 cup popped popcorn. In my opinion, the loss of 1.75 g of fat is not worth the 100% loss of flavor. In my opinion. (On a similar note, I truly believe that no microwave should be sold, ever, that can't accommodate a regular sized bag of popcorn.)

♠ Cell phones piss me off. When did we develop the expectation that because we have cell phones, people should be able to reach us 24/7? Remember the days when you went to the store and left your phone at home because it was attached to the wall? And remember how the world still went 'round even though people couldn't get a hold of you while you were at the store? Remember when you didn't come home to 248 messages demanding to know why you weren't answering your phone? You know, because people were smart back then and left a message for you like this, "Oh, you must be out. Give me a call when you get a chance." Just because I have a cell phone and can, theoretically, be reached at all times does not mean that I want to talk to people at all times of the day.

♥ I adore ModCloth. Have you discovered this site yet? You really need to check it out. I visit at least once a day. Here are some items that I came across today...

♦ A helpful tip from me to you... Sometimes, my weekend adventures lead me to consume vast quantities of food that I don't normally consume (read: Thai, red meat). As a result, my digestive system protests and, essentially, goes on strike. As in, it decides to stop working. I have discovered a very easy solution to this problem... Fiber One® Bars. Eat two of these babies a day for two days, and you are good to go (literally). A bonus? They are yummy. You're welcome! Here are the two flavors that are currently in my medicine cabinet on my nightstand in my pantry:

UPDATE: For the love of god, don't eat these things three days in a row. I think I'm going to puke. Or die. I haven't decided yet. WHY were these the only things I picked up for breakfast this week?

My toe hurts. I never realized how frequently I stub my big toe. I never realized how frequently I perch my feet on my toes while sitting. That is, until I (almost) lost the tip of my big toe. Now I am well aware. It hurts. 

Hope you all have a great Tuesday! 

p.s. The Bitter Blonde has undergone a makeover and is now The Bittersweet Blonde. All the old stuff will remain and continue (you know, all the glorious bitterness), but The Bittersweet will also now feature all things beautiful. I wander the internet regularly and I'm always stumbling on things that the artist in me falls in love with. OBG doesn't always feel like the most appropriate place to feature these lovely things, so I'll be doing it at The BB now. Don't feel like you have to head over and check it out now, but if you have a moment in the future, feel free to pop on over.

p.p.s. Miss Weber's Room is on vacation until something exciting happens with the job search or with subbing or with the field of teaching in general. 


LiLu said...

"Remember the days when you went to the store and left your phone at home because it was attached to the wall?"

Ahahahaha! I think I love you.

Krista said...

I thought those cupcakes were looking a little too sweet for The Bitter Blonde. Thanks for clearing up that mystery! :-)

April said...

@ LiLu- Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.

@ Krista- Yeah, apparently I've become less Bitter and more sweet after finishing my thesis. Thinking makes me sad. Thank god I don't have to do that anymore.

Amber said...

As far as the unpopped popcorn thing goes, there are a lot of really weird people out there so I wouldn't put it past someone, somewhere. They may have even written a letter to the company that said something like, "You only have the fat grams listed for popped pop corn, what about us people who eat unpopped pop corn? Don't we deserve to know how many grams of fat are in our food?"

McGriddle Pants said...

I literally just bought popcorn two days ago... and was thinking the same thing about the nutritional values of UNpopped popcorn. WTF?!

Ohhhh Emmmm Geee --cell phones. I have a friend that when we went camping last summer, we didn't have service. I thought she was going to DIE. Literally. We had to drive down the mountain once a day so she could listen to messages and get texts. Granted, she has a kid and was making sure she didn't die under her father's watch, but honestly? I think he can handle it.

Together We Save said...

I love the fiber ones but they don't love me... LOL.

Miss Yvonne said...

I can't eat the Fiber One bars. They go right through me. TMI..I know.

April said...

@ Amber- You're probably right. People are stupid.

@ McGriddle- Too funny. I love camping trips because you CAN'T get cell coverage.

@ TWS- Yeah, they don't love me either

@ Miss Yvonne- Yeah, me too, which is why, after weekends of extreme overindulgence, I need to employ them. TMI be damned.

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