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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life Advice from a 3-year Old

I was bonding with my nephew this morning over a container of ectoplasm-green Play-doh, when his mom brilliantly suggested that I ask him for some life advice. So I did, figuring it couldn't be any worse than the direction I was already headed in. Or so I thought...
OBG: Okay, so here's the deal. I just graduated with my Master's degree and...
Nephew: What Master's?
OBG: It's a big deal. 
Nephew: Why?
OBG: Because it means you're smart.
Nephew: Why you smart?
OBG: Because I have brains.
Nephew: Why you have brains?
OBG: Because I was born with them.
Nephew: Oh.
OBG: So I paid lots of money for classes I didn't need, and I wasted two years writing a paper that's just going to sit on the library shelf and no one is going to look at. And now I can't get a job. What should I do?
Nephew: Cut you head off.
OBG: Uh-huh...
(At this point, I made a mental note to talk to Mommy about this. After our conversation, she decided to have a conversation with Daddy about things that are not appropriate for little boys to watch on TV)
OBG: So, I'm broke. I have no money and it costs money to live in a house. I'm going to be homeless soon. What should I do? 
Nephew: Get motorcycle.
OBG: A motorcycle? And do what with it?
Nephew: Ride it 'round.
OBG: Around where?
Nephew: To yous house.
OBG: But I don't have a house. Where should I go?
Nephew: The gym. Ride circles.
OBG: Uh-huh...
OBG: I need a job. How do I get a job?
Nephew: At Walmart.
OBG: Walmart?
Nephew: Yeah!
OBG: Uh-huh...
(I also asked the boy for some relationship advice- long story short, he thinks I should run around in circles. I think he knows me too well.)

Contemplating the big questions of life.

p.s. I'm convinced my sister's house is haunted. I would explain why, but it would just creep me out. Plus, she reads this blog and it would creep her out too.


Miss Yvonne said...

First of all, your nephew is adorable and awesome.

Secondly, I need to hear the haunted house story. I won't be satisfied until I hear it. said...

Hilarious. I definitely have running around in circles down pat. ;)

Krista said...

I love this story. Cutest boy ever! Of course, I could be a little bias.... :-)

One Pea said...

@ Miss Yvonne- He is, isn't he? Well, most of the time...

@ HipHopHippie- You and me both

@ Krista- That's not what you were saying the other night at bedtime...

Anonymous said...

you are hilarious, 3 year olds have the best conversations

Laura said...

soo funny, 3 yr olds have the best conversations. Your blog is hilarious.

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